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Hector Rosales

Assistant Case Manager

Meet Hector Rosales, our Assistant Case Manager, renowned for his strategic mindset and passion for literature.

Hector's journey in case management was shaped by Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," which instilled in him a strategic approach to problem-solving. His love for storytelling was nurtured by classics like "Toy Story."

Outside of work, Hector enjoys rhymes and indulges in the flavors of tacos de barbacoa. He dreams of exploring the landscapes of Kenya and finds solace in the teachings of Buddha.

Hector values self-awareness and creativity, seeking to understand himself better through mindfulness practices and his love for cats. He aspires to travel more in South America to experience its rich culture and diversity.

With his strategic mindset and passion for literature, Hector is dedicated to making a positive impact as an Assistant Case Manager. He aims to foster a culture of growth and innovation within his team.


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