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Representing Injured Industrial Workers in Oakland

Because they perform some of the most demanding jobs in our workforce, blue collar workers are at a higher risk of being injured on the job. in 2015, the United States Department of Labor's statistical graphs shows that anywhere from 3-10% of Californian industrial workers (depending on your specific area of work) reported serious injuries. Even so, employers are expected to create and maintain safe working environments for all workers regardless of the workplace, be it a factory, construction site, or a warehouse.

If you are a blue collar worker who was injured on the job, you need to discuss your case with our caring legal team at Pacific Workers', The Lawyers for Injured Workers. We have helped thousands of injured workers get the compensation they need and deserve. We wish to help you too.

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Dedicated to Seeing Justice Prevail for California Injured Workers

Our Martindale-Hubbell® AV® Rated firm believes that injured workers should be fairly compensated for their injuries. Sadly, insurance companies have a reputation for offering the lowest amount of compensation possible. As soon as you seek our assistance, we can set the wheels in motion to help you recover maximum compensation. We will carefully review all the details of your matter and create a personalized strategy for you.

As our client, you can also expect the following:

  • A full-time case manager
  • Adequate and timely medical care
  • Deposition preparation
  • Trained court hearing officers

Many injured workers hesitate to retain legal representation because they fear they cannot afford it. This is why we handle workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis. We don’t charge legal fees unless we recover compensation on your behalf! We are here for you, 24/7.

Need guidance? Speak with our Oakland industrial workers’ compensation attorneys!

Entrust us with your case so you can focus on recovering and spending time with your loved ones. We would be happy to walk you through the workers’ compensation process so you can move on with your life.

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    Thank you for being so kind and completely sympathetic to my case!

    “I started my fight against my company's workers comp and after talking to Almarie for the first time I already felt a lot of weight off my shoulders. It feels nice to have someone fighting for your rights but also keeping you in check for your own good.”

    Jazzie D. Daly City, CA
    They took care of me!

    “Bilal worked on my case and he was very professional, friendly, and kind to me. I was so nervous about my deposition and he made me feel very comfortable and less stressed about the whole situation.”

    Gabi O. Sacramento, CA
    The most down to earth team I have ever met!

    “They have strong communication and I was respected throughout the whole process. They had never given up on me!”

    Nekealla C. Tracy, CA
    I'm forever grateful & thankful to all!

    “I especially want to thank Mr. Jason Insdorf, who worked in attaining a settlement I never expected.”

    L.S. Union City, CA

Workers' Comp FAQ

  • Am I Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

    In California, all employees are eligible for workers’ compensation with very few exceptions. If you are classified as an “employee” (rather than an “independent contractor”), you are eligible to receive benefits. This is true regardless of how many employees your employer has, how many hours you work, how much you make, whether you work part-time or full-time, or whether you are a seasonal worker. Additionally, undocumented workers are also eligible for workers’ compensation granted they meet all other eligibility requirements. In contrast, independent contractors and certain other workers, including some volunteers, household workers who are employed by a family member, and others, are not able to file for workers’ compensation benefits.

  • Can't I Just File for Workers' Compensation on My Own?

    Filing for workers' compensation on your own increases the chances that your claim will be denied. One small misstep can prevent you from obtaining the compensation you need for your injuries. In addition, the process is usually complex and tedious, especially for someone with no workers' compensation law experience. It is extremely advantageous that you seek reliable and experienced legal guidance for your claim.

  • What Can I Expect from the Workers' Compensation Process?

    As soon as you reach out to us for help, we will assign you a full-time case manager and attorney. An application will be filed with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) on your behalf. We will get started on your case immediately to help you receive the medical care you need. If we are unable to receive a fair settlement from the insurance company, we are ready and willing to take your case to trial. After a few months, you will most likely give a deposition. One of our highly experienced attorneys will prepare you and stand at your side the entire time. You don't even have to attend court hearings! One of our trained hearing officers or attorneys can attend on your behalf.

  • Can My Employer Tell Me to Use Sick Time or Vacation/Personal Time off (PTO) If I’m Injured at Work?

    Following a work-related injury, you may not receive workers’ compensation benefits right away or your workers’ compensation claim may be denied. You may receive a note from your doctor that you may take time off work due to your injuries, but how will you be paid if you are not actively seeking workers’ compensation benefits? Your employer may tell you to use your state-mandated/employer-provided sick time in order to continue being paid while you are out of work. Once this sick time is exhausted, your employer may tell you that the only way you can continue to be paid is if you use your vacation or PTO time. In some cases, this may actually be the only way to continue receiving wages while you are out of work and not receiving workers’ compensation benefits. For more information, check out our video with Attorney Bilal Kassem on this topic by visiting our Facebook page!

  • Can I Get Workers’ Compensation If I Was Fired?

    If you were terminated while already receiving workers’ compensation benefits, this does not necessarily affect your right to receive benefits. However, if you were terminated “for cause” (for example, if you were fired because you were caught stealing from your employer), you will not be able to continue collecting benefits. If you were not fired for cause, but were laid off due to your position being terminated or various other reasons, you may still be able to continue collecting your workers’ compensation benefits. If you believe you were terminated because you filed for workers’ compensation or because you were hurt at work, you may have grounds for a retaliation claim. Learn more, including whether you can continue receiving workers’ compensation benefits if you were laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic, see our video with Attorney Bilal Kassem on our Facebook page.

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