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Injured workers deserve to get full workers’ compensation benefits that get them back on their feet sooner than later. But this is not always how the situation plays out. Indeed, many if not most injured workers in California will have their workers’ compensation claims delayed or denied the first time they file because insurance companies have so many tactics that they use to save money.

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How We Can Help You

If you want to give your workers’ compensation claim a fair chance of succeeding the first time, then you should team up with Pacific Workers’ in Sacramento. Our team has more than 130 years of collective practice experience and an impressive 98% success rate among all the cases we have handled. Trust in our insight and knowledge for your case, and you can expect the highest caliber of legal counsel.

Workers We Represent

Pacific Workers’ offers legal counsel to workers from all walks of life, backgrounds, and careers. If you are covered by workers’ compensation insurance and you are hurt at work or while completing a work-related duty, then we want to hear from you. Our honest approach to case management has been instrumental to our countless successes throughout the years.

We are proud to represent workers from all industries, such as:

  • Airline employees
  • Office workers
  • Construction workers
  • Firefighters
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Police officers
  • Foodservice employees
  • Union workers
  • Retail workers
  • And many more

Filing an Appeal

Has your workers’ compensation claim already been filed and denied? Do not worry just yet. You could still have a chance to challenge the denial and file an appeal.

With our help, you can start the appeals process the easy way. We will take your case over, investigate the reasoning behind the denial, and see if it is incorrect. If so, then we can challenge it. In many cases, we have been able to secure the benefits owed to our clients without needing to go through the entire appeals process, which can be lengthy and complicated. Just seeing our name on the challenge letter and reading our argument against the denial is often enough to convince an insurance company to do the right thing.

Protect Your Health & Career – Call Now

You should be relaxing and resting after an on-the-job accident. If you can’t because the insurance company or your employer is not taking your injuries seriously, then it is time to get our Sacramento workers’ compensation attorneys on the phone. Dial (888) 740-6434 now to tell us what happened, so we can then tell you how we can help.

What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Can I Receive?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance system, which means that you are eligible to get its benefits even if your workplace accident happened due to your mistake. This system is good for putting your worries at ease if you know that you did something wrong that led to your injury. However, you might still be expected to show that your accident was work-related to get the benefits you need to recover.

In California, five important benefits from workers’ compensation include:

  • Medical care: You should be able to receive all medical treatments required without paying anything yourself, including smaller fees like co-pays and prescription costs.
  • Temporary disability: You can get temporary total disability (TTD) benefits equal to 66.67% of your average pre-injury wages each week if you cannot return to work for weeks or months.
  • Permanent disability: Permanent disability benefits become available if you can never fully recover. The amount paid to you is mostly based on the severity of your impairment.
  • Life pension: You might be eligible to receive life pension payments through workers’ comp if your disability rating is between 70% and 99%.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: If you cannot return to your previous job, then you can be retrained to start a new position at your employer or a new career entirely.

Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Do independent contractors get workers’ compensation in California?

No, most independent contractors are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance that is provided by their employer. The law does not require most employers to offer this sort of employment benefit to independent contractors. To get workers’ comp as an independent contractor, you will usually have to purchase a policy on your own.

What is the California 90-day rule for workers’ compensation?

After you inform your employer about your workplace accident, they need to tell the insurance company as soon as possible, usually within the same workday. Then, the claim administrator has 90 days to accept or deny your claim, with medical benefits being provided throughout that time. If there is no response within 90 days, then your claim ends in your favor by default.

Is workman’s comp the same as workers’ compensation?

Yes, workman’s compensation is the same as workers’ compensation in all practical applications. You might see the terms exchanged for one another here and there, but they are essentially identical.

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