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      "Thank you for being so kind and completely sympathetic to my case!"

      I haven't dealt with an attorney ever until I came here. I've wanted to give up on my job but my attorney always guides me to the right path and pushes me to be patient, keep calm. It feels nice to have someone fighting for your rights but also keeping you in check for your own good. From when I started my fight against my company's workers comp, after talking to Almarie for the first time I already felt a lot of weight off my shoulders. We briefly talked for 20-30 minutes just for formality. Later scheduled a full consulting session with her and I just felt so at ease that there's a team that believes my case is worth fighting for. Thank you for being so kind and completely sympathetic to my case Almarie. You're the first person since my incident that made me feel like someone truly cares! Next up is Laura. This woman is so patient and very kind. I always have 20 questions every week and she never fails to give me a call or an email back. She also makes schedules for me to speak to my attorney and relay messages. She makes my life easier because she also understands first hand the pressure from all sides and dilutes the stress for me.

      Jazzie D. Daly City, CA
      "They took care of me!"

      I was so stressed about my case, but I didn't have to do a thing and my attorney and his team took care of me. Farber & Co did everything for me. Bilal worked on my case and he was very professional, friendly, and kind to me. I was so nervous about my deposition and he made me feel very comfortable and less stressed about the whole situation.

      Gabi O. Sacramento, CA
      "The most down to earth team I have ever met!"

      By far, the most down to earth team I have ever met. They have strong communication and I was respected throughout the whole process. They had never given up on me!

      Nekealla C. Tracy, CA
      "I got a compensation package that I was very happy with!"

      They took care of everything, and in the end, I got a compensation package that I was very happy with. My attorney was Robert. He provided me with a very smooth experience, patiently answered all my questions, and worked hard to represent my best interests.

      Dro L. Redwood City, CA
      "I would highly recommend PWC!"

      PWC's staff is knowledgeable and informative when it comes to answering your questions and ensuring you're well informed during the process. I would recommend PWC to my friends and family for sure. Thank you, PWC!

      Patrick P.
      "I'm forever grateful & thankful to all!"

      I shall forever be grateful and thankful to all. I especially want to thank Mr. Jason Insdorf, who worked in attaining a settlement I never expected. Although, the money came in at the right time, most importantly, I am able to take advantage of the retraining benefits, which I have applied. I will be taking online courses for Professional Interpreter and Administrative Professional Microsoft Office Specialist. I am hoping I can begin a career in which I can assist other Spanish-speaking individuals who cannot help themselves because of language barriers.

      L.S. Union City, CA
      "Great company with great people"

      Hands down the best company to work with on any compensation that's out there. Kiki and her staff where outstanding. Keep up the good work!

      Jamaal Fairfield, CA
      "Highly professional would highly recommend"

      This firm has done more for me in such a short time. I couldn't be where I'm at with my case without them on my side!

      Connie Torres French camp , CA
      "They were a headache & stress rellief!"

      Kiki was such a help. She works with Robert Davis. After dealing with the ins Co and there run around, blood pressure tossing, I turned my case one to PWC. No more headaches, no stressing, just relief. Thank you, Kiki and Robert & Pacific Workers Compensation.

      Debra McLaughlin Benicia, CA
      "They gave me a piece of mind!"

      I truly appreciate the time and work Sergio and Lauren have put into my workers compensation case! With my injury slowly recovering and all the setbacks this has caused me it is great to feel that they're on top of it all. Great job you guys!

      Ingrid Antioch, CA
      "Professional Team"

      I am very pleased with the team. All my questions and concerns are answered.

      Cory T. Livermore, CA
      "Exceptional Customer Service"

      I would recommend Pacific Workers' Compensation Law Center to my family and friends. I was so blessed to talk with AlMarie in March 2018 after receiving horrible service from another attorney's office. AlMarie took the time to talk to me and give me the information that I needed. Lauren and Alex are super great, and I feel I made a good decision for the law center to represent me. I received my packet with great information, resources, and how to communicate and contact the team who will be assisting me and working on my case.

      T. Davis Addison San Leandro, CA
      "Most professional people I've met and gotten to know in a long time."

      The staff at Pacific Workers’ Compensation are without a doubt are the most professional people I've met and gotten to know in a long time. I felt confident safe and secure that every move that was made was in my best interest. You are blessed to have a truly a great staff. May the Lord continue to bless you all!

      Darryl Stokes
      "Their attention to detail, communication and knowledge is unparalleled."

      Their attention to detail, communication and knowledge is unparalleled. If you seek the best results you should work with the best.

      Joe Courtney, Retired NBA Player, Chicago Bulls Championship Team 1993
      "I can only give them my highest recommendation"

      The attorneys and staff at Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Center are exceptional. I can only give them my highest recommendation. They genuinely care about my case and treat me like family.

      Cale Hulse, Retired NHL Player
      "The best and most professional attorneys that will fight tooth and nail for your case"

      I would like to start off by saying thank you very much to Bilal Kassem, Kiki, and Irving Flores @ Pacific Workers!!! They are the best and most professional attorneys that will fight tooth and nail for your case and get that big W!!!! Kiki is one of the nicest ladies I ever came across in regards to handling any matter as professional as possible and doing so in prompt and accurate time. They go above and beyond in handling any matter, not only as professionals but as caring people. If you are injured at work and you do not call Farber and company you're heading in the wrong direction!!! No doubt in my mind they will get me and whoever what they are entitled to in a timely manner while treating you with the upmost respect, compassion and kindness. Once again thank you Bilal, Kiki and Irving at Pacific Workers/ Farber and company!!!! When in doubt call Farber and company attorneys or you'll miss out!!!!

      Albert M. Hayward, CA
      "They cared about me"

      After experiencing another law firm and the incredible lack of communication, I was lucky to find Bilal Kassem at Pacific Workers. They really seemed to care about my case and helping me. I haven't had too many experiences with lawyers before this injury and especially after the first law firm was very concerned about going to another. They did a great job on my case and always felt they cared about me. Thank you thank you to Bilal and his team - Irving, Karla and everyone else there!!!

      Diana M. Oakland, CA
      "Extremely professional and easy to work with"

      2 words for Eric Farber, Cha Ching! On a serious note they were extremely professional and easy to work with. Their team made a stressful situation into a breeze and put all my worries to rest. I highly recommend him.

      Deana D.
      "I highly recommend this firm"

      Eric Farber and his team recently settled a big case which will make it possible to save many jobs. As a company, we have been more than impressed by his teams commitment, willingness to never settle for anything short of desirable, and attention to detail in the finest respect. I have been very impressed with Eric Farber and his associate Jon Varnica. They have been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and diligent in every way. I highly recommend this firm and would give them 100 stars if possible.

      Blake R.
      "Tenacious and very effective"

      I have had a long history with Eric Farber legal services from corporate to real estate and I have found him to be tenacious and very effective. Highly recommend Farber & Company.

      Ron H.
      "Professional, Sincere, Results-Driven, and Experienced."

      I am not one who normally writes reviews... But, I most take a moment to laud the work of Pacific Workers' Law Center! Professional, Sincere, Results-Driven, and Experienced. I hired PWCLC to handle my worker's comp case after a prior law firm showed little care, and consideration.. Fortunately, for me PWCLC came to my rescue. The lawyer's and staff walked me through the parameters of the case, and educated me on the processes and procedures of worker's comp. Notwithstanding, I was happy with the case outcome and award!! I strongly recommend Pacific Workers' Compensation Law Ctr, for your legal needs.

      Angelo W.
      "Always kind, professional, compassionate..."

      Bilal Kassem is the nicest attorney a person dealing with a workers compensation mess can ask for. Always kind, professional, compassionate, and explains everything clearly (when you can get a hold of him directly....he stays pretty busy!) My case involved compensable consequence injuries, so it took some time to get everything taken care of properly. Although I was highly stressed due to the insurance company's games of not wanting to do what they should have in a timely manner, any time I asked Bilal for assistance, he was always willing to take the time to contact the appropriate people in a timely manner, and I was taken care of. If you need a workers compensation attorney, don't hesitate to contact Farber & Company. If you happen to get Bilal Kassem, you will be in very good hands. A special thank you to Irving, Katie and Kiki as well!

      Emi B.
      "Highly recommend :)"

      Yana was extremely helpful and professional. I highly recommend PWC!

      Elena San Francisco, CA
      "At the end of the interview, I felt very confident in our case going forward."

      On Monday, September 25th, I had a personal interview with Maria Ellis from Farber & Co, in which case, she explained to me and answered all the questions in a way that I could understand them. At the end of the interview, I felt very confident in our case going forward. I also had a deposition early in August with Bilal Kassem, and that whole process went very well, too. I came away from the deposition feeling very confident. Every time I’ve called Farber & Co, everyone who’s picked up the phone, whether it’s Maria, Sergio, Jessica, Karla, Irving, or anyone else, has been very professional. They’ve all been great to me, and I’d be delighted to work with any of them again. Farber & Co., I love what you’re doing. Keep up the great work!

      Brad H.
      "Bilal is very professional, caring and committed to his clients!"

      My lawyer Bilal took the time out on a late Friday afternoon to meet with me and answer some questions that I had. Who stays late and meets with you on a Friday afternoon? Very few do, Bilal does. It speaks to his professionalism, caring, and commitment to his clients. Which creates a culture value at PWC. This is only one example of my experience with them, there are many more just like this.

      Guy H. Novato, CA
      "Bilal is always kind, professional, compassionate and explains everything thoroughly!"

      Bilal Kassem is the nicest attorney a person dealing with a workers compensation mess can ask for. Always kind, professional, compassionate, and explains everything clearly.

      Emi B. Vallejo, CA
      "The attorneys and employees at PWC are angels!"

      Thank goodness for my team of lawyers and assistants that always take the time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions, and act on my behalf when my company does nothing!! Someone else said it, and I second that the people at PWC are angels!! At least I feel that someone is on MY side now!

      Heikelyn J.
      "I was lucky enough to obtain the services of Pacific Workers' Compensation Law Center!"

      I was lucky enough to obtain the services of Pacific Workers' Compensation Law Center. They worked tirelessly to receive the best care, and finally a C&R settlement from SCIF for me. Without them, I would have been just another injured worker without medical treatment.

      Martha M.
      "PWC has provided me with exceptional care!"

      My experience with them has been exceptional. They are caring, devoted and professional. They had turned a stressful situation into one that does not cause anxiety.

      Jaaziel B.
      "For anyone out there looking for a 'Worker's Comp attorney,' look no further!"

      For anyone out there looking for a 'Worker's Comp attorney,' look no further. Robert Davis is the man you want on the case. Robert truly cares for his clients; he will help you through the tough times, with a no-nonsense approach to your situation. Robert is a good man that never leaves any doubt in your mind and always makes you feel like he is the best man for the job.

      Francisco P. Hayward, CA
      "We thank you so much!"

      This is the best law firm that I have ever seen and has the pleasure to work with. Thank you, Michael, for everything that you and your team has done for my family. Farber and Company IS a blessing to my family and WE thank you so much. Please keep blessing people that really need your help. God bless you Michael and your family from the PEREZ FAMILY.

      Salvador P. Salinas, CA
      "Pacific Workers' Comp is one of the best places to get help from when you need help with an injury from work!"

      Iana and Sergio are very helpful, and Pacific Workers' Comp is one of the best places to get help from when you need help with an injury from work they have been helping me out through my trying time and doing a damn good job with dealing with stuff that I can't handle and I really appreciate all their help if you ever need help with an injury at work this is the place to go.

      Lamar B. Santa Clara, CA
      "Mike took the time to help me with my case!"

      I settled by compromise and release with the help of Mike Ullrich. He took the time, after hours when he should be with family or resting, to get every last little detail. Even things I wouldn't think to mention.

      Nina M. Brentwood, CA
      "Jason exuded complete confidence in my case & really understood what I went through!"

      My attorney Jason Insdorf exuded complete confidence in my case and made me feel like he really understood what I've been through (didn't hurt to read about his extensive credentials and expertise specific to my case). Karla Ortega made me feel at ease, listening intently when I explained details dating back 12+ years. Also, I was very impressed by the compassion, communication, and overall professionalism.

      Matthew U. Modesto, CA
      "Pacific Workers' Compensation helped me get the justice I deserved!"

      It was my first injury at a job and I did not know what to do. I did not know if my rights as an employee were being met. So, I was able to call to ask Pacific Workers' Compensation about my injury that occurred and what were my rights as an employee. They were able to help me get justice.

      Victoria M. Santa Cruz, CA
      "After Pacific Worker's Compensation started handling my case, I started getting the respect of an injured worker and not just a number."

      My caseworker is amazing. She is quick to respond to my messages and concerns. Before contacting Pacific Worker's Compensation, I was getting the run around with my doctors and worker's compensation insurance for my employer. After Pacific Worker's Compensation started handling my case, I started getting the respect of an injured worker and not just a number.

      Brandy L. Fairfield, CA
      "My legal team at PWC is amazing!"
      Hakim M. San Leandro, CA