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Luis Gonzalez

Assistant Case Manager
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Meet Luis Gonzalez Martinez, an Assistant Case Manager dedicated to providing exceptional support and guidance to clients. Luis's favorite book, "The Secret" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, reflects his appreciation for captivating narratives. When it comes to movies, he enjoys the heartwarming tale of "Ratatouille," and his palate delights in Colombian Calentao and chicken pasta, reflecting his cultural background.

Luis finds joy in spending time with loved ones and exploring new cuisines. His dream destination is Italy, where he hopes to savor authentic Italian flavors and immerse himself in its rich culture.

In his role, Luis finds fulfillment in fostering professional growth and development while providing invaluable support to clients. He is motivated by the opportunity to expand his linguistic skills and enhance his cultural understanding.

Luis draws inspiration from esteemed colleagues like Priscilla Barquet, Irving Flores, and Carmen, whose dedication and expertise propel him to excel in his role each day.