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Pacific Workers' Surpasses Its Goal And Triples The Money Raised For Best Buddies Friendship Walk!


Pacific Workers’ Surpasses Its Goal And Triples The Money Raised For Best Buddies Friendship Walk!

Empathy is contagious.

For Pacific Workers’, the Lawyers for Injured Workers, the pandemic is not an obstacle when it comes to helping others. Especially if it involves one of our charitable partners like Best Buddies International, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the social, physical, and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

After the cancellation of the annual Best Buddies Friendship Walk —scheduled for March 20, 2020 we didn’t want to give up and continued with our internal fundraising campaign.

Our motivation was Sam Hart, a full-time Operators Assistant at the Oakland office who came to Pacific Workers’ through Best Buddies in last December.

According to Intake Specialist Marco Rodriguez, who led the effort with Carmen Ramirez, “The fundraising campaign was originally an in-person walk and bracket tournament, but with the virus everything stopped. We went virtual and changed from one challenge to weekly.”

“We made a commitment to Best Buddies and wanted to keep it, we developed a new way to keep raising money”, said Carmen Ramirez, Marketing Director at Pacific Workers’.

Every week, there was a different challenge. Lip-sync videos, Crazy Hair Day, Pajama Day and a Zoom Background challenge were just a few of the fun challenges they created.

The funds raised were from the Pacific Workers’ staff’s personal funds. Owners, Bilal Kassem and Eric Farber, matched the amounts and they have raised a total of more than $3000.00. The goal was $1000.00.

“Everyone was doing this because of Sam. He is part of our team and we have to be part of his team as well. The goal was to have fun while we were through Covid-19 on top of helping Big Buddies”, said Ramirez. She added that the outcome surprised them because of the economic uncertainty generated by the pandemic lockdown. The campaign also helped to keep some positivity in the company.

For Joey Williams, manager and Job Developer at Best Buddies, this has been consistent with Sam’s entire experience at Pacific Workers’. “Every time we go in, we are blown away. It has been amazing to see the whole team step up with the fundraising”, he said.

Williams added that they were inspired by the team’s effort and he will look forward to implementing this campaign with other companies.

Eric Farber, founder of Pacific Workers’, outlined this effort. For him, it is an example of how our culture drives our decisions. “It makes me proud beyond belief of what this team has accomplished. I did not know it was happening. The team was doing this on their own”, he said.

Pacific Workers', The Lawyers for Injured Workers is Northern California's Premier Workers' Compensation Applicant firm. We represent First Responders, Health Care Workers, Construction Workers, Retail Workers, Warehouse Workers, Delivery Drivers and the other hard-working people that keep our community moving in their Fight for Justice against the Insurance Companies.

With over 250+ Five Star Reviews, an incredible staff of caring, well-trained caring, advanced technology for superior client communication, a track record of an over 96% win rate and giving back to our community through the Pacific Workers' Foundation, it is easy to see why Pacific Workers' is the go-to law firm for all injured workers in Northern California. Offices in Oakland, Concord, Stockton, and Sacramento.

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