Who pays for my workers’ compensation claim?

Who pays for workers' comp claims?

In California, your employer is required to purchase insurance that protects you and your coworkers in the event of a workplace injury. When you’re injured on the job, you generally can’t take legal action against your company in civil court, but their insurance company is responsible for paying for your benefits and treatment. The company may see their premiums rise after the accident, but they won’t have to pay for your medical care or other workers’ compensation benefits.

What if your boss is uninsured or underinsured?

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It’s illegal for your boss to lack workers’ compensation insurance. If this is the case, your compensation will be paid for by a state fund. If your employer’s policy isn’t enough to cover the number of employees or the risk level of your job, it’s insurance fraud. The insurance company your boss uses must still take care of you, but they will take money from your employer to recover their losses.

If you truly have a great employer, they’ll be concerned about your health and want you to get the help and benefits you need, so file your workers’ compensation claim without fear.

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