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New Attorneys Brendean and David join Pacific Workers

New Attorneys: David & Brendean

Pacific Workers Welcomes Two Esteemed Attorneys, David B. Mojica and Brendean Luce, to Their Northern California Premier Workers' Compensation Law Firm

Northern California, October 23, 2023– Pacific Workers, the trusted legal advocates for injured workers in Northern California, proudly announces the latest addition to their accomplished team. The firm has recently welcomed two highly skilled attorneys, David B. Mojica and Brendean Luce, who bring with them a wealth of expertise and a commitment to championing the rights of injured workers.

Advocating for the Injured: Pacific Workers' Core Mission

Pacific Workers has been at the forefront of providing dedicated legal representation to injured workers across Northern California for years. Their unwavering commitment to securing justice for those affected by workplace accidents and injuries has earned them a reputation as the premier workers' compensation law firm in the region.

Meet the New Attorneys: David B. Mojica and Brandean Luce

David B. Mojica: A Legal Luminary in Workers' Compensation Law

David B. Mojica, a superb legal professional, has joined the ranks of Pacific Workers. With a career marked by excellence in the field of workers' compensation law, Mojica's addition is a significant milestone for the firm. His nuanced understanding of complex legal issues surrounding workplace injuries sets him apart as a true asset to the firm and its clients.

Mojica's track record of successfully navigating the intricate web of workers' compensation regulations and his ability to secure favorable outcomes for injured workers make him a noteworthy addition to Pacific Workers. His dedication to his clients and tireless advocacy for their rights align seamlessly with the firm's core mission.

Brendean Luce: A Trailblazer in Workers' Compensation Advocacy

Pacific Workers is also delighted to introduce Brendean Luce, another luminary in the realm of workers' compensation advocacy. Luce brings to the firm a distinctive approach and an impressive record of championing the rights of injured workers.

Luce's unique perspective and strategic insights have proven invaluable in securing substantial settlements and benefits for those who have suffered workplace injuries. His commitment to staying abreast of the ever-evolving workers' compensation landscape ensures that Pacific Workers' clients will continue to receive the highest caliber of legal representation.

The Pacific Workers Difference

Pacific Workers' unwavering commitment to their clients remains their driving force. With the addition of David B. Mojica and Brendean Luce to their esteemed team, the firm is even better positioned to provide top-tier legal services to injured workers seeking justice in Northern California.

The firm's dedication to a client-centric approach, coupled with the expertise and passion of their legal team, sets Pacific Workers apart in the realm of workers' compensation law. They remain steadfast in their mission to ensure that injured workers receive the support, guidance, and compensation they rightfully deserve.

Contact Information

For more information about Pacific Workers, please contact:

Carmen Ramirez

333 Hegenberger Rd. Suite 751

Oakland, CA 94621

(510) 444 - 2512

About Pacific Workers

Pacific Workers is a leading workers' compensation law firm serving Northern California. With a team of dedicated legal professionals, Pacific Workers is committed to advocating for the rights of injured workers and helping them secure the compensation and benefits they deserve. The firm's relentless pursuit of justice and unwavering client focus has earned them a reputation as the premier workers' compensation advocates in the region.

Note to Editors: For more information about Pacific Workers or to schedule an interview with their legal team, please contact Carmen Ramirez at

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