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Covid and Essential Workers' Update 3 Bills in Front of Legislature

California Legislature Passes 3 Covid-19 Bills

The California Legislature is moving forward on 3 different bills for California Workers' and Covid. All three make Covid claims presumptively compensable in some form.

In March, Governor Newsom issued an executive order giving a Covid presumption to 11 categories of essential workers. If you were working and in one of these 11 categories, it would be presumed that you got Covid through work - the insurance company would have to prove you didn't get it through work to have your claim denied.

The Governor's Order expired. It is widely believed that the legislature will pass a bill that will cover most frontline workers and first responders.

It does appear the legislature will pass at least one if not more bills to cover workers. One of the bills makes the presumption 'conclusive' which makes the argument from the insurance companies even more difficult. Another bill takes into account the possibility of 'long tail' effects of Covid and would cover first responders to 2024.

Regardless, it appears the legislature is aware of the issues for essential workers and there will be some form of protection passed.

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