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Staff Spotlight for April: Director of Intake, Karla Ortega

Karla Ortega, director of intake at Pacific Workers' Compensation

When you call Pacific Workers’ Compensation for the first time, Karla -- or a member of her team -- is the first person you talk to. Karla Ortega is the Director of Intake, in charge of getting new clients situated within Pacific Workers' Compensation and answering their burning Workers’ Compensation questions, as well as training and supervising her team of Intake Specialists. Karla was one of the first team members on board when Pacific Workers’ Compensation was founded, and she’s been a crucial part of our growth from a team of five to over thirty people. She’s answered questions, provided support, and helped start the journey to healing and compensation for thousands of workers.

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Karla came to Pacific Workers’ Compensation with over 10 years of legal administration experience. She holds an Associate degree in Applied Science in Business Administration from Heald College in Hayward. Karla resides in San Leandro with her husband and daughter. Outside of work, she loves to volunteer with her daughter at the East Bay SPCA. She also enjoys spending time with her family, especially her nieces, and attending her daughter’s dance events. Karla is fluent in Spanish.

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If you call Pacific Workers’ Compensation, know that Karla and her team are waiting to greet you with compassion and to answer your questions with patience and understanding. There’s nothing to be scared of!

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