What is TPD and How Can it Help? - Person Signing Document

What Is TPD and How Can It Help?

What is TPD and How Can it Help? - Person Signing Document

One of the most difficult aspects of being injured at work is trying to make ends meet and cover the bills. If your workplace injury leaves you incapable of working, you are entitled to TTD (Temporary Total Disability), a benefit that replaces two-thirds of your wages while you recover. But what happens if you can work, but only part-time? Or only in a different position at your company -- one that pays less? Many workers return to their companies while still recovering, but with work restrictions from their doctors. Fortunately, California Workers' Compensation contains a remedy for this situation: TPD (Temporary Partial Disability).

Your employer must make an effort to accommodate your medical restrictions and find a job you can perform. In the event that the position you can do in your current capacity pays less than what you typically earn, or that you are limited in the number hours you can work by either your injury or your new role at the company, TPD pays out at two-thirds of your lost wages. If for an example, your AWW (average weekly wage) prior to your injury was $400, and you are now receiving $250 -- that's a $150 loss -- you should receive $100 of TPD per week. The insurance company must pay you in a timely manner, and once you begin receiving TPD, you should receive payments every two weeks. When there are delays, you may be entitled to penalties.

As with TTD, TPD only applies to accepted Workers' Compensation claims. If your claim is denied by the insurance company, you do not receive any benefits, including TPD. There is no punishment for insurance companies that deny legitimate Workers' Compensation claims. If your claim is denied, it is crucial that you call a skilled Workers' Compensation attorney who will fight to get you the benefits you deserve.

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