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Why Keep in Contact With Your Employer After Your Work Injury?

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There is a long process that comes after every work injury. Besides the Workers’ Compensation case procedure, you have to deal with the recovery itself and the thoughts about what to do while you’re off work.

Your mind will be very busy thinking about the process and the welfare of your family and yourself, that's for sure. So, it’s possible that you can forget about keeping in contact with your employer after your accident. Although it’s perfectly normal, it’s not ideal, as staying in touch with your employer is truly important for several reasons.

In this blog, we’ll explain why it is so essential for you to communicate regularly with your employer after your work injury. Stay with us and learn the key points of this matter in no time.


1. Why keep in touch with your employer?

2. The problems of not communicating with your employer

3. The advantages of informing your employer

1. Why keep in touch with your employer?

As part of the process of every Workers’ Compensation case in California, when you get an on-the-job injury, you will have some work restrictions. In simpler words, you won’t be at work because you will be healing and recovering yourself at home. Therefore, you will be primarily dealing with the insurance company in charge but not so much with your employer.

It happens very often that there are too many cooks in the kitchen, which means that communication doesn’t flow as it should with so many parts involved. In such cases, information might not pass from your adjuster to you or your employer. It can even occur that your doctor doesn't inform your employer about your health situation.

Therefore, your employer can be left in the dark because of the lack of information regarding your current situation; they simply wouldn’t know what’s going on with you if no one gives them a heads-up.

2. The problems of not communicating with your employer

In all the years we’ve been serving injured workers, we have seen numerous cases where, for example, our clients haven’t contacted their employer for quite a long time. It’s like they have forgotten about their jobs.

It’s comprehensible that workers are trying to recover, and because of this, they might not consider it important to contact their employers, as they already know about the accident. So why is this a problem?

  • It may show a lack of interest in your job on your part.
  • It will make your employer confused regarding your health situation and current mindset.
  • It will be confusing and stressful for you as you won’t be sure which is your job situation or if you'll even have a job to return to.
  • It might seem like you’re trying to take advantage of your injury and just taking time off, even if this is not the case.

With this in mind, we always try to make sure that our clients remain in contact with their employers. So, when you find yourself going through a Workers’ Comp case, keep your employer updated on things such as work restrictions, work status, or if you haven't anticipated a return-to-work date. Just a simple and short message will do.

3. The advantages of informing your employer

Maintaining adequate communication with your employer is vital to mend the relationship with them, as well as keep it from going sour. Additionally, your employer will feel more secure about your commitment, and they will have an idea about your wanting to get back into work.

Furthermore, keeping your employer apprised is another way to ensure you’ll have a job to get back to. Your employer can terminate your contract just because they haven’t heard from you lately. So, chatting from time to time will keep you fresh in your employer’s mind.

Again, we can’t stress this enough. It’s crucial for you to make sure to do the following:

  • Give your employer your work status forms
  • Update them on when and if you’re going to come back to work
  • Inform them about any work restrictions you may have

For example, if you are going to come back under a modified duty, your employer needs to know all about this situation. It means you must inform them precisely what you can and cannot do. That is the only way they can decide whether they can offer you modified work and prepare themselves and your workplace for it.

On the other hand, if they can’t provide modified work, you need to be sure they’re doing their due diligence. Also, it is better to ensure they are engaging in the interactive process to determine what restrictions they can or cannot accommodate for your case. Of course, they won’t be able to do it if they don’t have all the required information to do so.


Going through a work injury situation is less than easy. Nonetheless, there are a few things to do to ensure your overall Workers’ Comp process goes well. And one of those things is maintaining a good relationship with your employer. A straightforward way of doing so is keeping in contact with your them.

Let them know how you’re doing, how your health is improving, when you plan to return to work, and if you need special conditions to do your job, among other things. Keeping good communication with your boss is absolutely important for both parties, as we noted above.

But, in case your employer is being shady, ignoring your messages, or not following the regular conduct as they should, the best decision is to hire an attorney that helps you deal with the situation.

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