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How Your Social Media Can Affect an Ongoing Legal Case

How Your Social Media Can Affect an Ongoing Legal Case

Online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram may help us connect to people and express ourselves, but in legal cases, anything posted online can be used against you. That being said, it is easy to avoid things that can complicate your chances of winning a legal case. Here’s a quick rundown of the things you should not do on social media during a legal trial.

  1. Avoid using social media to share your life

Sharing information while there is a pending legal case can change the perception of the people involved in the case. Any information pertaining to the case must also be kept confidential to avoid complex legal issues. Believe it or not, they look at every move you make. If you post a day out at the park or share the hiking day, this can be perceived as you not in any pain and in fact live a pretty normal life.

  1. Uploaded photos may be taken out of context

Many of us use social media as an online photo album. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are flooded with photo uploads every day. However, photos may mean something when taken out of context. In a way, this can also change the way people see someone during an ongoing legal battle. The photos can be used to paint you in a negative light no matter the intentions behind them.

  1. Never use social media to look for side jobs

If the legal case you’re going through includes a work claim, never use social media as your means to look for new job opportunities. The court may not see this as a way to make a living, but as a reason to decline a case. It would be best to allow some time for the legal battle to end first before looking for means to make money online.

How to Prevent Social Media from Damaging Your Case

It should go without saying that legal battles are tricky. The attorneys against you may try to uncover information from your personal accounts to help distort the truth in your claims. Being cautious does not mean you’re overreacting, but it is crucial to not share any information during the trial. Keep these following tips in mind:

  1. Do not accept friend requests from strangers
  2. Ensure that your security settings are on the highest level
  3. Avoid posting about activities that the defense can distort or twist
  4. Keep an eye out for photographers or video operators that might follow you around
  5. Do not post any information related to the case


Winning a legal battle may take a long time. It requires a lot of patience and adjustment. Social media might be useful for connecting with people. However, in legal cases, social media can possibly ruin a case for you. You must stay cautious while the case remains in deliberation. Only afterward should you return to normal social media behavior.

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