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Workers Comp For Injured California Firefighters

Workers Comp Claims 101 Injured California Firefighters

There is a mountain of dangerous jobs in the United States, but fortunately, their workers can file claims to get the financial and medical assistance they need to recover.

One of the most dangerous jobs is firefighting. Firefighters often suffer from work-related injuries that are entitled to worker's compensation benefits in the state of California. For this reason, the state also made it easier for firefighters to get medical benefits that are not considered work injuries if sustained in other jobs.

Of course, if you're dealing with an injury due to your work, it's best to reach out to a California workers' compensation attorney to ensure you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

If you're curious about workers' compensation for firefighters, keep reading. In this article, we'll share what you need to know about workers comp claims for injured California firefighters.

Do California Firefighters Get Special Workers' Compensation Benefits?

In essence, workers' compensation benefits provide medical, temporary and permanent disability, and death benefits. However, two more rules give firefighters more benefits:

  • When you are injured and unable to work, you can receive one full year of salary in lieu of disability benefits, which is two-thirds of your salary;
  • When you have a medical condition, it is presumed that it is a work injury. With that, you get the benefit of the doubt on the cause of the injury, which is something a person can't get from another job or industry. Because of this, you can get medical treatment and disability benefits, too.

If you believe that you are entitled to these benefits, it's best to reach out to a California workers compensation attorney so you can properly file a claim and get what is rightfully yours.

Can a Firefighter Get a Full-Salary Benefit?

Firefighters who qualify for a full-salary benefit are the city, county, or district firefighters, and this benefit is called 4850 benefits. However, this benefit does not include telephone operators, stenographers, clerks, machinists, mechanics, and other people that don't do active firefighting and prevention services.

If you are unable to work due to a work injury, a firefighter is entitled to one year of full salary, thanks to the “4850 benefits.” On the other hand, workers from other industries will only get temporary or permanent disability payments.

Another thing you should note is the 4850 benefits are not taxable, and after that one-year period, you can receive temporary disability benefits if you're still unable to work. This is because you cannot receive your 4850 benefits and disability benefits simultaneously.

What are the Medical Conditions Presumed to be Work-Related for a Firefighter?

To make things clear, a firefighter is a person providing fire fighting services who is either an apprentice, volunteer, or employee on a party or fully paid basis.

As mentioned earlier, there are medical conditions that are presumed to be work-related. Here are some of the medical conditions included in the list:

  • Cancer
  • Pneumonia
  • Heart Conditions (High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, abnormal echocardiogram)
  • Blood-borne Infectious Disease
  • Biological or Chemical Agent
  • Meningitis

If you develop cancer, you'll have to show that you were exposed to a carcinogen while working and that there is a reasonable link between the carcinogen and the type of cancer. A carcinogen is anything that is identified by the International Agency of Research on Cancer.

The Bottom Line: Work with a Reliable Workers Comp Attorney

Seeing as there are a plethora of things to consider when it comes to filing a claim, you must work with a reputable California workers' compensation attorney to have all your legalities in check. Remember—your employers can be responsible for the injury you are facing, so it's best to speak to experts to get the compensation you need to recover.

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