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Breaking News: California Orders Workers' Comp for Essential Workers 90 Day Limit

California Orders Workers' Comp for Essential Workers 90 Day Limit

Breaking News: California Orders Workers' Comp for Essential Workers 90 Day Limit


On Wednesday, May 6, 2020 Gov. Newsom issued an Executive Order broadly widening the availability of workers' compensation for California essential workers to get Workers' Compensation if they have contracted Covid, any time after March 11.

If you or a loved one are an essential worker and contracted Covid, you may be entitled to full workers' compensation benefits. Benefits include coverage for treatment, temporary disability while unable to work, future treatment for long term issues and payment for permanent disability.

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Although limited to 'essential workers', this may be the broadest change to the workers compensation in the country.

The order streamlines intends to streamline the California Workers' Compensation for essential workers by making it a rebuttable presumption. This means that if you contracted Covid-19, via the Coronavirus any time after March 11, 2020, and you are essential worker, that the California Workers' Comp insurance company should accept your case - unless the other side can prove that you did not get the Coronavirus at work and develop Covid-19 at work. There is a 60 day retroactive period to file claims. We do not know if this order will be extended.

The order also shortens the time employers have to accept claims from 90 days to 30 days, significantly expediting the processing of benefits for sick workers.

The order lists the California essential workers that this applies to the following industries:

Sector Index:

1. Health and Public Health Sector

2. Emergency Services Sector

3. Food and Agriculture Sector

4. Energy Sector

5. Water and Wastewater Sector

6. Transportation and Logistics Sector

7. Communications and Information Technology Sector

8. Government Operations and Other Community-Based Essential Functions

9. Critical Manufacturing Sector

10. Financial Services Sector

11. Chemical Sector

12. Defense Industrial Base Sector

13. Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Sheltering Facilities and Services

We have attached the order to read here, which links to further information on the executive order. Governor Executive Order Here

If you are in one of these industries and have been affected by Covid you can call today at 800-606-6999 or email

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