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Gov. Newsom Orders Statewide Halt to Evictions Due to Coronavirus

Governor Newsom - CA
Governor Newsom - CA

The Governor's office announced an order halting any new evictions due to financial hardship from the Coronavirus. You can read the full text of the Order HERE.

A quick review of the order states that between April 1 and May 31 that California Landlords shall not evict residents for financial hardship due to Coronavirus. However, there are caveats. In order to stop an eviction, you must send a letter, within 7 days outlining the reasons you cannot pay rent due to the Coronavirus. Reasons under the order include:

1. Being sick from Coronavirus or taking care of someone who is sick;

2. Loss of work, cutback in hours or cannot work due to isolation order; or,

3. Caring for a child out of school due to Coronavirus.

The Order does not discuss current evictions. It also extends the notice provision for landlords for eviction to 60 days.

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