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Kiki's Corner: 5 Tips For an Easy Back to School

Kiki Lubin

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Are you a parent? I’m a mother of three, and August drawing nearer only means one thing: it’s Back to School time! Organizing a return to school is hectic, but it’s also an exciting time. It means a whole new year of growth, education and friendships for our children. Here are a few tips for our parents to make Back to School planning easy and fun:

  1. Sign up for online mailing lists to large clothing stores 

Places like Target and Old Navy send exclusive coupons to customers who are on their mailing list. These offers can dramatically reduce your spending on new clothes & supplies.

  1. Shop in bulk at wholesale stores for lunch food items that you know you use regularly.

Purchasing items like juice boxes or fruit snacks in large quantities saves a lot.

  1. Let the children take the reigns

Once you have your back-to-school supplies list created, allow your child to do all the shopping in store. They will have a ball gathering the items and checking them off of the list. This can be an opportunity to educate them on the importance of budgeting by not straying outside of the preset list.

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  1. Do a DIY Project

Take something old and make it new! Have your child find an old binder or old pencil box and decorate it. Use glitter, stickers, markers and colored glue to give an old item new life. This small project also teaches children how not to be wasteful and to utilize everything they have.

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  1. Donate old clothes and supplies

Go through your child’s clothes and remove any items that they have outgrown this past year. Donate those items to a local shelter or thrift store. Also, if possible, grab extra supplies for those in need while out shopping. Drop these supplies off at your local church or any place that may be organizing a Back to School Drive. A box of pencils or an extra backpack goes a long way. Most importantly, your child will see the importance of helping those that are in need.

Share these tips with family and friends to help make everyone’s Back to School experience a success!

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