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How Much Can I Get For My Workers' Comp. Case In California?


How much is my Workers' Compensation Case Worth in California? This may be one of our most common questions. The answer depends on a lot of factors. Is it a specific injury or a cumulative trauma? Have you healed completely or will you still need future medical care? What kind of work did you do when you got injured, and how much did you earn? These are just a few of the questions that are asked -- and answered -- along the way.

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What does my attorney have to do with it?

These variables are really what your Workers' Compensation attorney is working on during the case. Your Workers' Comp. lawyer makes sure that all medical issues are addressed by the doctors, that the right occupational multipliers are used to determine future Permanent Disability, and that everything in your case is optimized to maximize your recovery.

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At its most basic, your Workers' Comp case is worth the value of the Permanent Disability plus any future medical treatment that you may have after the case is resolved. However, it's never that simple. Very often, there are penalties and sanctions that need to be calculated into the equation. Additionally, numbers and guidelines for Workers' Compensation are statutory, but that doesn't mean the value of your Workers' Compensation case is set in stone. Your Workers' Compensation attorney works hard maximizing your PD rating. Dealing with adjusters and making certain that the AMA Guides are followed by the doctors and that specific areas are addressed is a major challenge. Future medical amounts and the occupational multipliers also involve a lot of negotiation from your Workers' Compensation attorney.

So when we hear the question, “How much can I get for you Workers' Compensation case?”, we almost always answer, “It depends,” and with good reason.

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