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What Is the Best Way to Reach Your Team?

The number one thing clients want from their Workers' Compensation law firm is communication. With this in mind, we try and make it easy for our clients -- and for anyone coming to us for a free consultation or the answers to a few questions -- to reach our staff. Here is a rundown of the different ways that you can get in touch with Pacific Workers' Compensation.

1. Schedule a call with the staff member of your choice. This guarantees that you'll have an in-depth conversation with someone on your case at a time that is convenient for you.

2. Text your team. Our staff texts! If you have a quick question, you can text your team for a quick response. Don't know the text number? Check your case manager or assistant case manager's email signature. Not a client yet? Text our Care Team specialists at 510-867-3012. They can help.

3. Send an email. If your question is more in-depth, requires document attachments, or just isn't as time sensitive, you can always email the staff member of your choice. If you don't know who to email, send your query to, and it will be forwarded to the appropriate member of our team.

4. Give us a call. While we cannot guarantee that the staff member of your choice will be available when you call, we always have knowledgeable members of our staff manning the phones. If you need to speak to someone who isn't available, you can always leave a voice mail, but we also recommend scheduling your callback to make sure that you don't end up in a game of phone tag.

The best way to get in touch with our team really depends on your needs and preferences. Make sure you take advantage of our scheduling functions and text lines. Pacific Workers' Compensation: we fight for you.

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