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5 Secrets You Should Know Before Choosing a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

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If you were injured at work, you need someone to help you and guide you through the case process. Getting medical treatment, lost wages, and an amount for any resulting permanent disability can be a headache.

The Workers' Compensation system in California is confusing. This legal area has its codes, courts, and judges. So having the right attorney on your side can make the difference between triumph and resignation.

To make your selection easier, here are 5 secrets for choosing the best attorney you can get.

1. Make sure your attorney specializes in Workers’ Comp

This system in California has its own body of law under the Labor Code and even its courthouse. Only some attorneys specialize in Workers’ Comp. That is the kind of attorney you should get for your case.

Remember, this is not about an auto accident or business litigation. Look for attorneys who know their way through this area and its complexity.

Some of these firms will also guide you through getting medical treatment and choosing a suitable physician. Of course, this enhances the quality of the treatment and, therefore, your health.

2. Do your research

Don't stick with the first option you see. The best you can do is collect information about your attorney. The more, the better. You can get this info in many ways, such as:

  • Search for law firms and lawyers on browsers such as Google and Yelp.

  • Browse social networking sites.

  • View client reviews.

  • Read attorneys' bio online.

  • Check out their websites and blogs.

If a firm looks suspicious or doesn't have many reviews, it is best to keep looking. Trust your hunch and choose the one you feel is right. Take advantage of the information you gathered to find a connection.

3. Get to know the people at the firm

For attorneys to do their jobs, they must rely on a team that helps them fulfill all their tasks and win the cases. You will likely end up talking to paralegals, case managers, legal assistants, and intake specialists about your case, even for simple things like filling out some paperwork.

Be sure you count on a whole team at your attorney’s side. That will assure you that all fronts will be covered. Go with a firm with an experienced, helpful, and well-trained staff that gives you the support you need.

4. Look for multiple communication channels

Communication with your attorney is essential. You want to check that the firm offers you different ways to be in touch with the team. At Pacific Workers', we have alternatives such as Text-Your-Team. This initiative allows clients to send messages directly to team members' computers.

We also have an online scheduling platform where clients can book an appointment to speak with their team. Clients can also send emails to team members to get a timely response. Choose your favorite channel and reach out to your lawyer.

5. Go with the attorney who prioritizes your treatment and not just your award

Your financial award or settlement is an important part of your case, but not the most important. Your health and well-being are priceless. Getting the proper treatment is an investment for you in the long run.

A committed lawyer will help you get the best medical treatment possible while leading your case. Find an attorney that allows you to focus on your recovery.

Dealing with an injury and a Workers' Compensation claim can be incredibly painful and stressful. You must research, know your options, and make sure you choose an attorney who will advocate for you with all the tools and help you through this difficult time. At Pacific Workers' we fight tirelessly to secure your rights.

If you need help, get a free consultation. Call us at 800-606-6999.

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With over 250+ Five Star Reviews; an incredible staff of caring, well-trained, advanced technology for superior client communication: a track record of an over 98%-win rate and giving back to our community through the Pacific Workers' Foundation, it is easy to see why Pacific Workers' is the go-to law firm for all injured workers in Northern California. Offices in Oakland, Concord, Stockton, Tracy, San Jose, and Sacramento.

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