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4 Crucial Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury

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Workplace injuries are never easy to endure. Not only do you deal with the physical and mental hardships associated with your injury, but you may lose out on income because you’re unable to work. Following a workplace injury, you can receive help by getting workers’ compensation for your lost income, medical expenses, and more.

Before you can recover workers’ compensation benefits, though, you should take specific steps that help you move forward most effectively.

The steps you should take after a workplace injury include the following:

  • Be sure to report the accident to your employer.
  • Seek medical care for your injuries.
  • Request the paperwork and file for workers’ compensation.
  • Hire a lawyer to assist you through the process.

The steps above help you begin the process and allow you to safeguard your rights moving forward.

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Be Sure to Report the Accident to Your Employer

One of the first things you need to do after a workplace injury is to report it to your employer. Typically, you want to do this as soon as possible. In some situations, insurance companies may use your delay as a reason to try and deny your workers’ comp claim.

In your report, be sure to include:

  • Where the accident occurred in the workplace
  • How it happened
  • Who else was involved in the accident
  • Any evidence to show what happened that caused your accident

The more information you provide, the more helpful it is to your claim. Don’t hesitate to report the accident.

Seek Medical Care for Your Injuries

In an emergency medical situation, you should quickly seek medical care to begin receiving treatment for your injuries. While you may need to see a separate doctor when filing for workers’ comp benefits, it’s crucial to get medical care quickly.

The medical report can also be a crucial part of your claim. Workers’ comp insurance providers may request that you see their preferred medical professional, but don’t put your injury aside and wait until later in the process to get care.

Request the Paperwork and File for Workers’ Compensation

If you have the chance to pursue workers’ compensation benefits, you go through your employer’s insurance provider. You can request the necessary paperwork to file a claim from your employer and fill it out with the required information to begin the process.

Far too often, insurance companies may use a minor mistake as a reason to minimize or deny a claim. Ensure you provide accurate and relevant information, including everything that pertains to your workplace accident and injury.

Hire a Lawyer to Assist You Through the Process

Unfortunately, the process can be challenging. Working with a lawyer can help you throughout the process, allowing you to focus on your recovery. A lawyer can help you file your claim timely, giving you peace of mind knowing that a professional is helping build your claim.

During a time when you need solid legal counsel, you can rely on Pacific Workers', The Lawyers for Injured Workers to be there for you. Workers’ compensation claims can sometimes be complicated, especially when insurance companies prioritize their profits over claimants who suffer severe harm. We take great care of clients who put their best interests in our hands.

Our Oakland workers’ compensation attorneys are ready to stand in your corner and help you pursue the compensation you deserve. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to take on insurance companies and seek the benefits that our clients need moving forward.

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