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Can I Still Work and Recover Workers’ Compensation?

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A workplace injury can leave you with several questions. One such question is if you can receive workers’ compensation benefits while still working. It’s important to note that some situations may allow you to continue working. Recognizing your rights with the help of legal counsel can give you confidence every step of the way.

Working and Receiving Workers’ Comp Benefits

Here’s one such scenario to consider that would allow you to receive workers’ compensation benefits while still working:

  • You suffer an injury at work and go through the process of recovering workers’ comp benefits.
  • You begin to heal, and your doctor clears you to return to work in a limited capacity.
  • Your company allows you to change positions, but they pay you less or give you fewer hours.
  • You can still recover workers’ compensation benefits to supplement your lost income.

Workers’ compensation can cover some of the income you would have received if you didn’t have to change positions and earn a lower wage. If you are limited in your work capacity and lose specific benefits with your company, workers’ comp can also help cover those benefits. If you fully recover and return to work, however, you would no longer receive benefits.

Get Legal Counsel On Your Side

Workers’ comp cases can be challenging, and you never know when insurance companies may try to deny you benefits. As such, it helps to surround yourself with a dedicated legal team that knows how to help through some of the most challenging legal situations. A lawyer can safeguard your rights, pursuing benefits when you need them most.

At Pacific Workers', The Lawyers for Injured Workers, we fight for injured heroes. Workers deserve the right to receive benefits after an injury they sustain on the job. Our Oakland workers’ compensation lawyers will be in your corner every step of the way, taking on large insurance companies, and helping you move forward most effectively.

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