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Are There Injuries Workers’ Compensation Doesn’t Cover?

While workers’ compensation is essential for any injury that a worker sustains, it’s important to note that insurance doesn’t cover all injuries. Before you file a claim, you should know if your injury falls under workers’ compensation insurance and how you can pursue compensation and benefits through a claim.

When Isn’t My Injury Covered?

Below, we’ll explain some of the injuries that workers’ compensation insurance companies won’t cover:

  • When the injury isn’t severe: An injury that isn’t severe is often something that you can treat with first aid at the workplace. If you suffer a cut, scrape, or small wound that you can treat at the site where the accident occurs, it may not be severe enough to warrant a claim that would provide benefits.
  • When the injury occurs outside the scope of employment: If you suffer injuries while commuting to work, you’re not on the job. Any accident that occurs on your way to or from work would not allow you to file for workers’ compensation.
  • When the injury is self-inflicted: California law states that if an employee intentionally injures him or herself, they would not be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits.

It’s crucial to know when you can recover benefits for any damages you suffer on the job. To protect your rights throughout the process, it’s in your best interests to seek legal counsel with the knowledge and resources to help you understand your options.

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