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Concord Eviction and Rent Moratorium More Significant Than Most During Covid-19 Pandemic

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Pacific Workers, Concord, California, April 5, 2020

Concord, California Emergency Ordinance Regarding Rent and Eviction Moratorium More Significant than Most Cities. Includes Commercial Tenants

On March 25, 2020, the City of Concord, California announced and published a Rent and Eviction Moratorium outlining rules for Rent and Eviction issues during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Here is a direct link to the Concord City Housing Division Website.

The Temporary Rent and Eviction Memorandum can be found here. Finally, the full Order from Concord, can be found Here.

Although we will attempt to summarize the Memorandum, this is not legal advice and you should refer to the full text of the Memorandum or call the City of Concord.

The Ordinance includes a prohibition on Landlord Utility shut-offs, no late fees for failure to pay rent for both commercial and residential leases. Most significantly, it appears that if you fail to pay rent, there will be a 90 day grace period for each month that you failed to pay rent. This is a very significant diversion from other Rent and Eviction moratoriums.

Please review the above links if these apply to you.

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