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Kiki’s Korner | Vegan Life

Greetings Readers! Guess who’s back and 10 pounds lighter? Yep, the Vegan life continues to be good to me. I just wanted to provide you all with a quick update and provide a bit of encouragement to those who are new to Veganism.

This has been a lot easier than I thought. I believe it’s because I made all my mistakes when I took a crack at being a vegan and now, I’m much more discipline. I haven’t had many cravings for meat, and I have been making some incredible plant-based dishes. I love what it’s doing to my grocery bill as well. What I spend has been cut in half. Most of what I buy is veggies, beans, and spices – all very low-cost items. I love it. Veganism is looking out for my health and my wealth. Heeeeeyyyyy.

It also feels good to know that I’m feeding my family this way. I love knowing that my children are at school with a plant-based lunch that I prepared is the best (they still be sneaking Doritos though, Mama knows.) It’s not only fulfilling to know that I have taken back my health but there is also a mental peace that’s hard to describe. I guess it’s the fact that I have complete control of what I consume and am no longer a slave to certain eating habits, many of which were created more by culture and consumerism than by my own desires.

This is a journey and for right now I’m enjoying it. I’m sleeping better, saving money and setting myself (and my family) up for increased vitality. I feel good and want to continue feeling good. I’m never going back…join me. – Kiki