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Kiki's Corner: How to Stop Your Phone Addiction

Kiki of Kiki's Corner


Hello, Readers! I have a confession: I am in a toxic relationship. The relationship that I am in can be time-consuming and distracting and it’s such a selfish thing. I have come to the realization that I must step out of denial and confront this situation. Today I will grab the reigns and take control. Today I will confront…my phone. How many of you can relate?

Technology is such an amazing and convenient tool, but it can also be a double-edged sword. It’s too convenient. You have the world at your fingertips. I know that I spend far too much of my precious free time using my cell phone. There is so much more that I could be doing when I’m at home besides checking my emails, using apps, or clicking on silly links that my friends send me about celebrity gossip. I need a change.

If you identify with this behavior, I invite you to join me as I gain back my precious freedom. I’ve prepared the following to help me “break up” with my cell phone:

  • I will power my phone off at night. I’m asleep and will survive a missed text!
  • I will not feel obligated to immediately return every text/email that my family and friends send unless it is an emergency.
  • I will delete all apps that do not aid my personal productivity or growth.
  • I will develop the habit of allowing my phone to remain in my pocket or bag when not in use instead of carrying it around in my hand like a dependent person.
  • I will place my phone on silent when needed so that I will not be interrupted/distracted by alerts.

Again, if you find this relatable and know that it would benefit you, join me in the “single life!” Break up with that phone!

Until next time,


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