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PWC Foundation Helps Oakland Homeless

Every week, Fishes and Loaves serves a hot meal to Oakland residents who are in need. Led by Dr. Norma Lampley, a group of volunteers gathers at Downs Memorial United Methodist Church, cooks the meal, and serves whomever comes. Individuals and families who are homeless or struggling come to Downs for warmth, good food, and groceries, and the volunteers go out of their way to make things special for the holidays. They also do outreach at camps around the city, bringing supplies and spreading the word about their events. It's an extraordinary act of service to the community.

Pacific Workers' Compensation Founder, Eric Farber,with Dr. Lampley.

Pacific Workers' Compensation is a proud supporter of Fishes and Loaves. For the second year straight, we donated blankets, socks, and hygiene kits and sent staff to volunteer at a Fishes and Loaves holiday lunch. Service to the community is coded in our company's DNA: we believe that we exist to serve our clients and to help make our home, Oakland, a better place. While we're the experts when it comes to California Workers' Compensation, the folks at Fishes and Loaves are the experts at helping people in Oakland who have run into hard times. Helping them is one way that we show gratitude this time of year.

We're grateful for the opportunity to do good in our community, for our wonderful staff, and for the clients we're fortunate enough to serve, without whom none of this would be possible. We hope to be able to help more and more people each year.

Pacific Workers' Compensation staff volunteering at Fishes & Loaves

Pacific Workers' Compensation staff volunteering at Fishes & Loaves

Pacific Workers' Compensation staff with Dr. Lampley

Pacific Workers' Compensation staff handing out blankets, socks, and hygiene kits.

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