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Preparing for a Workers’ Comp Case Deposition

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Your workers’ comp deposition can impact your claim. It’s vital to recognize how to prepare for this part of the process so that you can safeguard your rights. Before the deposition, speak with your lawyer so that you know what to do during the deposition and how to answer questions.

During the Deposition

During the deposition, you will answer questions and provide information under oath. It’s vital to be honest during this time. The process starts with a lawyer requesting your background information and prior medical conditions. They will want to know about the incident leading up to the workers’ compensation claim and your well-being.

The other side will want to know how the incident occurred and your current treatment plan. If you have limitations that impact your job duties, the lawyer will also want to know about them.

How to Answer Questions

Having a lawyer will always help, but there are some general guidelines that you should follow when the other side starts asking you questions. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Make sure you listen to their questions carefully so that you can answer them accurately.
  • Be clear with your answers and verbalize responses.
  • Stick to the facts and only answer what they ask. Don’t feel the need to give additional information when it’s not necessary.
  • Avoid saying “I think…” when answering questions. Guesses in this situation don’t help you, but you can say you don’t know something.
  • Don’t overshare if you don’t have to. And remember: your conversations with your lawyer are confidential.
  • Finally, stay calm. Insurance adjusters look at your composure and try to size you up.

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