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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Second QME

5 Reasons Why You Should  Have a Second QME

There may come a time when you may get injured at work. You want to stake a claim, so it is just standard procedure for you to get checked by a doctor to validate that you were indeed injured. Now, in one way or the other, your employer may dispute the results, leading you to get an unbiased check-up the second time around.

Luckily, you have qualified medical evaluators (QMEs), neutral doctors who would check your condition in the hopes of proving your claim.

If you are still on the fence about having a second QME, there is no need to worry. We have listed a couple of their benefits below.

1. They Will Reveal the Truth

Since the QME checks your injuries differently, you can expect the truth when it comes to the result. In most cases, the medical doctors hired by your employer handle the first evaluation, which is why you are more inclined to believe them.

However, if you have a second QME, they will always tell you the truth no matter what. QMEs are independent and highly qualified medical experts, and they are constantly being paid for the second medical examination so that they will be pretty much honest.

2. It Is a Cheaper Alternative

Your employer pays the first QME, so you can expect them to work in their favor. If, during the initial assessment, your employer’s doctor says that you are unable to work, then you will be deemed as disabled and cannot work anymore.

Fortunately, you can get a second QME to check your injury and find out that you are just hurt, not too bad. The second QME can prove that you can go back to work right away, saving your employer a lot of money and you enough paychecks.

3. The Cases Will Be Tied Up

Since there are cases where employers try to delay the case by hiring QMEs that will always say the same thing, you should get a second QME to check your injuries and close the case once and for all.

Why have a second medical exam if the first one can already prove that you are injured? The difference lies in the way they treat the injury. A second QME will have a totally different approach and treatment, making sure that you are going to get the best care and treatment.

4. They Can Find Out How You Can Go Back to Work

If your QME finds out that you are just hurt but not injured, they can recommend ways for you to still work. For example, the injury is visible but can be treated with some medicine. Such treatment will be less costly for your employer, and you will still be able to receive your payment.

5. They Will Ensure Your Treatment

If you’re lucky, the second QME will also agree that you are injured. They will ensure that you are getting the proper treatment for this case. This means that they will refer you to the right doctor or facility to help you take care of the injury correctly.

Since the QME is an independent medical expert, they will be able to give you their professional advice, which can save you some money and keep you on track while you are recovering and healing.


For years, it has been said that you only need one QME. However, there are also cases where two QMEs will state two different conclusions—because of this, having a second QME is always a great idea.

In addition, a QME is an independent medical expert and can determine if you are capable of returning to work, even if the first QME gave you a different diagnosis.

This means that you can get your second QME to check your injury and state that you can still work. You can also get your second QME to tell you if you need more treatments and care, and they will recommend a specific doctor or facility.

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