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Your Medical Treatment Can Impact Your Workers’ Comp Benefits

Your Medical Treatment Can Impact Your Workers’ Comp Benefits

Your Medical Treatment Can Impact Your Workers’ Comp Benefits

When involved in a work accident, your compensation will be impacted by the type of treatment you get from the accident. Unfortunately, even minor injuries could end up costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Medical Provider Networks (MPNs)

If you are covered by your company’s MPN regarding all accidents and injuries, they must provide details about such in writing. Documentation is key to ensuring either party is legally protected. When companies follow through with this, you must get treatment from an expert in that MPN.

When these organizations do not adequately document or provide the necessary information, you can choose your healthcare expert and consult your attorney regarding those oversights.

The Treatment Process

The claims administrator has to review and approve the documentation for injury treatment to progress. However, only a qualified doctor can sign off on those steps when it comes to the nitty-gritty, such as specific procedures for recovery.

Treatment is considered urgent when incidents result in loss of limb or life. It takes 72 hours (three days) for the claims administrator and doctor to approve.

When non-fatal, approval from the necessary parties does not exceed five working days once the claims administrator receives the authorization from the doctor. In some cases, administrators may need more information and require up to 14 working days to approve. Seek the advice of the best personal work injury lawyers to move with the best course of action when this happens.

Legal Assistance

Suppose your company has appropriately outlined the steps for accident-related injuries in the workplace and provided the best healthcare personnel from their MPN, but you still deem it insufficient. In that case, you can challenge the treatment, but only with the help of the best work injury lawyers.

Within the provided MPN, you can still see more doctors if the primary physician’s diagnosis and prognosis do not sit well with you. Take note: you must see the other healthcare experts under the MPN within 60 days for this arrangement to count.

Closing Thoughts

Knowing the names of the good doctors on any MPN List is key to a successful recovery and overall outcome. A great choice of a medical expert can positively impact your case if you have a professional attorney by your side. If the MPN treatments are insufficient, they can build a case around your reasons, help you get the best treatment with your preferred health expert, and gain you more compensation if the opposing parties fail in their due diligence mentioned above, but only when you have a good lawyer on your side.

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