Does Workers’ Comp Pay for Retraining?

When you suffer a workplace injury, it can be so severe that you may be unable to do your job. Unfortunately, this happens far too often. However, knowing what workers’ compensation benefits cover can help you as you go through the process.

One aspect that you may wonder about is retraining. Occupational rehabilitation may be one type of coverage you can receive when you successfully recover workers’ compensation benefits. Here’s how this type of benefit helps you.

Getting a New Job

In many cases, your injury can prevent you from doing a specific job. However, your doctor may determine that you can return to work after a specific period of time. If you can return to work and you must change your position, workers’ compensation benefits may cover the cost of retraining so that you can learn how to do the new job.

Typically, workers’ comp will pay for a specific amount that allows you to retrain or go to school to learn a new skill. This benefit is known as the Voucher which is not always mentioned and can give you an additional amount of money for job retraining purposes.The purpose of this benefit is to get those who receive temporary and partial disability to return to the workforce. Those on permanent disability may also utilize retraining so that they can get a job that doesn’t worsen their injury.

Supplemental Income

Some benefits may allow you to recover compensation if you change your job due to your injury and cannot earn the same income. If you earn less with the new job position, you may be able to earn supplemental income through workers’ compensation insurance.

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