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What Is the Most Reported Workplace Injury?

An injury in the workplace can feel like a real struggle to overcome. You may not be able to work for days, weeks, or months after the injury. It’s vital to report the injury and seek workers’ compensation benefits to help aid in your recovery.

At Pacific Workers', The Lawyers for Injured Workers, we work to help you understand your options. Below, we will detail some of the most common workplace injuries and what your rights are in the aftermath.

Slip and Falls

Slippery patches on the ground because of ice, water, or oil can cause workers to fall. Similarly, a small hole or item on the floor can also cause workers to trip over and fall. If a worker falls for any reason, they can suffer broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spine damage, and more.


Overexertion and repetitive strain injuries are more common than you may think. They arise after doing the same thing over and over again or using the improper technique when lifting objects. If you move heavy objects or continuously repeat the same work without a break, you can suffer from strain. Overexertion can cause long-term pain and potential loss of productivity.

Struck By Accidents

A struck by accident can occur in nearly any industry. The construction industry is one of the more common workplaces in which struck by accidents happen. Falling tools and debris, dropped loads, moving heavy machinery, and poorly guarded machines are common causes of these types of incidents.

On-the-Job Crashes

Some people drive as part of their job-related duties. And just like everyone else on the road, a severe accident can arise and cause significant injuries. If someone suffers an injury while driving on the job, they can seek workers’ compensation benefits, but they may have additional legal rights as well.

At Pacific Workers', The Lawyers for Injured Workers, we aim to safeguard your rights. Working with our workers’ compensation attorneys are here to stand by your side so that you can focus on your recovery. Trust us to be there for you!

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