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3 Reasons Why You Need a Workers' Comp Attorney

3 Reasons Why You Need  a Workers' Comp Attorney

Accidents can happen at work and it doesn't always matter if it was your fault or your employers.Of course there are some exceptions but ultimately, the CA Workers’ Comp System is a no fault system, which means if you got injured at work, you are entitled to benefits.

injured employees should be able to receive appropriate compensation for their medical bills and the opportunities they would miss out on due to their injuries. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to win these cases.

1. Your Work-Related Accident Has Resulted in Excess Medicals

After the accident, your doctor might tell you that you need to visit their office on a regular basis. They might prescribe you a new medication or even suggest that you get physical therapy. Unfortunately, in many cases, injured workers are forced to miss work because they're not allowed to go back on the job while they undergo these treatments.

Employers know this, of course and they often use it to their advantage. Sometimes, they will deny your claim altogether and say it never happened or that it didn't happen at work. In other cases, they'll have you do your job while in the middle of treatment. If you get hurt again, you might not receive workers' compensation benefits for your second injury.

While you're undergoing these treatments, your employer might discipline you for not completing your job properly. They might make you feel guilty or even fire you if you're unable to get back to work quickly. It's important to know that if you're being mistreated for a work-related injury, you can't be disciplined or fired for your absences.

If this is your case, hire a workers’ comp attorney right away!

2. There Is Denial and Resistance from Employers and the Insurance Company

Most employees don't know their rights when it comes to workers' compensation. Some employees might not even understand how it works. This can create a problem for employees.

For example, your boss might try to deny that your injury is work-related. It's not uncommon for employers to make opposing statements to claim administrators and insurance adjusters, which can be problematic if you're not prepared to handle the situation. This is especially true if there's a lack of physical evidence to support your claim.

3. Your Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In most cases, employers should have workers' compensation insurance. Unfortunately, a lot of employers try to avoid this insurance by doing things like misclassifying their employees. If your employer doesn't have workers' compensation insurance and you're injured on the job, you should contact an attorney right away. There are ways you can still get benefits and medical treatment and the costs should not come out of your pocket.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a workers' compensation lawyer is not just for the rich. It's for anyone who wants to be treated fairly by their employer. You never pay out of pocket since workers’ comp attorneys charge on a contingency fee. If you don’t have a case, you don’t pay. If you do have a case, the amount owed to your attorney comes out of the settlement you get from the insurance company.

Hiring a workers' compensation lawyer can be the difference between getting the compensation that you deserve after a workplace injury and losing everything. Get the compensation you deserve with the help of Pacific Workers', The Lawyers for Injured Workers. We are a workers' compensation law firm serving all of Nothern CA.

Wet believe that everything gets easier when you approach it as a team. When you work with our firm, you get an entire team of legal professionals working for you. Call us at 800-606-6999 now for a free consultation!

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