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When patrons go into a restaurant for a meal, they understandably are focused on their food, and not on the people helping to prepare and serve it. What most people do not realize is that restaurant employees face multiple dangers on a regular basis. Just because the hazards are usually “behind the scenes” or in the kitchen does not mean that they are not there.

Dangers a restaurant employee might encounter on a daily basis include:

  • Hot stoves and ovens
  • Wet floors and steps
  • Large, heavy boxes
  • Sharp knives and cutting edges
  • Raw or rotten food items
  • Defective kitchen equipment

Consequences of common restaurant hazards can include:

With so many dangerous objects or tasks all around restaurant employees, it should come as no surprise to employers, managers, and restauranteurs that sometimes people get hurt on the job there. And yet injured waiters, chefs, line cooks, hostesses, bussers, and more are consistently challenged by their employers when they get hurt and ask for workers’ compensation. If you work at a restaurant, were injured while performing your job duties, and are now being denied workers’ comp benefits necessary for your recovery, you should let our Oakland workers’ compensation lawyers at Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Center know right away during a free case review.

How We Build Your Case and Validate Your Claim

If an employer or their insurance provider is not accepting your workers’ compensation claim, they are probably not expecting you to do much about it. When you retain our services, you can come back to them with a fully developed case that supports your claim and shows why you deserve compensation and how much you should obtain. We do not only rely on our persuasive arguments to make our case, we also know where to find the right evidence that is advantageous for your claim.

We will want to seek out the following materials as we investigate your case:

  • Company safety training requirements
  • Safety records and past accident history
  • Eyewitness testimony from other workers or patrons
  • Closed-circuit television footage if available

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At our law firm, we genuinely believe in the importance of allowing our clients the chance to focus on recuperation after they have been hurt and been rendered unable to continue to work. When you retain our services, you are not hiring just one Oakland workers’ compensation attorney, but instead an entire team assigned and dedicated to your case. With case managers and team assistants on staff, we are ready to handle your case with as much efficiency as possible.

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Making a false or fraudulent workers' compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.