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Have you sustained a serious brain injury as a result of a workplace accident? If so, we strongly advise you to get in touch with our Oakland workers' compensation lawyers as soon as possible. At Pacific Workers' Compensation Law Center we understand the complex and sensitive nature of brain injuries. The effects can be devastating and even life-threatening. Receive the immediate care and attention that you deserve.

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Head injuries are often very serious as they may lead to permanent health complications. Sometimes, head-related injuries are not immediately visible yet they can still cause a great deal of damage to your brain and overall health. Regardless of the specific circumstances causing your accident, it is imperative that you seek immediate medical attention. Any form of impact with the head can cause dangerous swelling or bruising that could lead to further complications or catastrophic health conditions. Untreated brain injuries can seriously impact one's memory, motor functions, and possibly alter their personality.

Some examples of a brain injury include:

  • Brain swelling, bruising or bleeding
  • Lack of oxygen to the brain
  • Skull penetration or fractures
  • Lack of blood flow to the brain

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After being injured in such an unexpected and potentially life-altering accident, we understand that your recovery is your priority. However, pursuing a workers' compensation can actually make sure you can afford high-quality medical treatment. With our extensive experience in workplace injury claims representation, you can be confident in our legal abilities. Our legal professionals will work tirelessly to help ensure you receive the benefits that you deserve.

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