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At Pacific Workers’, we get our clients the best possible outcome and give them the best possible service. We exist to take care of the hardworking members of our community. Whether clients need medical treatment, case updates, or answers to questions about the confusing Workers’ Compensation process, our team approach is tailored to meeting those needs.

How It Works

A member of our Care Team matches each Pacific Workers’ Compensation client with a Case Team made up of one Workers’ Compensation Attorney and two highly-trained legal assistants, called Case Managers and Assistant Case Managers. The Case Managers and Assistant Case Managers answer client questions, deal with insurance companies, and schedule appearances, while our expert attorneys do what they do best: fight for clients’ rights. As Cesar Chavez said, “You are never strong enough that you don't need help." Our teams are even stronger together, which means even better care for our clients.

Care Team

Karla Ortega

Lead Intake Specialist

Karla Ortega is the Lead Intake Specialist, in charge of getting new clients situated within Pacific Workers' Compensation and answering their burning Workers’ Compensation questions. Karla has over 10 years of legal ...

Almarie Rodriguez

Intake Specialist

Almarie Rodriguez is an Intake Specialist. She communicates closely with clients and works with Karla Ortega to get them set up within Pacific Workers' Compensation and get them started on their Workers Compensation...

Cynthia Franco

Treatment Specialist

Cynthia Franco is the Treatment Specialist. whose primary job is to get our clients the care and medical treatment they need, matching them with Workers’ Comp doctors and specialists in their network, including doctors on lien when necessary...

Miguel Espino

Team Assistant

Miguel Espino, the Team Assistant, manages outgoing and incoming mail, helps with intakes and deposition preparation, and does whatever else is necessary to keep the office running smoothly…

Kimberly Alexandra Portillo


Kimberly Alexandra Portillo is our receptionist. She greets clients, forwards calls, and assists with client intakes. Though she was born in Los Angeles, Kimberly is a lifelong Oakland resident....

Team Kassem

Bilal Kassem

Litigation, Managing Attorney

Firm Management

Bilal Kassem is the Managing Director of Litigation and Workers’ Comp at Farber & Company/Pacific Workers’ Compensation. Specializing in litigation, he manages all aspects of the firm’s litigation practice. Prior to ...

Maria G. Ellis

Case Manager

Maria Ellis is Team Kassem’s Case Manager. She acts as an advocate for clients -- stewarding their cases, scheduling hearings & attorney calls, filing documents, and fighting to make sure their needs are met.

Sergio Ardila Corzo

Assistant Case Manager

Sergio Ardila Corzo, the Team Kassem Assistant Case Manager, helps clients stay up-to-date with their cases and communicates with attorneys and insurance companies on their behalf…

Team Zadneprovskaia

Iana Zadneprovskaia

Associate Attorney

Iana Zadneprovskaia is an Associate Attorney with Pacific Workers’ Compensation. She earned her J.D. at Golden Gate University School of Law, where she was the recipient of Witkin Awards for Academic Excellence in...

Lauren Thiemann

Case Manager

Lauren Thiemann is a Workers’ Compensation Case Manager specializing in the Pro-Athlete Workers’ Compensation practice. She makes sure Team Zadneprovskaia’s clients get what they need and acts as an interface between ...

Sam Fluker

Certified Paralegal, Assistant Case Manager

Sam Fluker is an Assistant Case Manager and a Certified Paralegal with PWC. He handles the bulk of the communication with Team Zadneprovskaia’s clients, making sure their Workers’ Comp.

Team Davis

Robert Davis

Associate Attorney

Robert Davis is an Associate Attorney with Pacific Workers’ Compensation. A native of Seattle, Washington, he graduated from University of Washington and then relocated to the Bay Area to earn his J.D. at the Golden Gate ...

Kiki Lubin

Case Manager

Kiki Lubin is Team Davis's Case Manager. She is responsible for navigating the divide between clients, their attorney, their insurance company, and opposing counsel. She is a Bay Area native who earned her Bachelor’s ...

Diane Martinez Guzman

Assistant Case Manager

Diane Martinez Guzman is the Assistant Case Manager for Team Davis, responsible for keeping clients informed, helping solve their problems, and addressing their inquiries. Prior to joining PWC, Diane worked in customer ...

Team Gude

Alison Gude

Associate Attorney

Alison Jeanne Gude is an Associate Attorney with Pacific Workers’ Compensation. She is a licensed Workers’ Compensation Specialist who has been practicing law for over twenty-five years. Ms. Gude was born in Cleveland, Ohio…

Jazmin Orozco-Salcedo

Case Manager

Jazmin Orozco-Salcedo is a Case Manager, in charge of overseeing Team Cole’s cases and ensuring a concierge experience for each client with whom she speaks...

Sonia Paredes

Assistant Case Manager

Sonia Paredes is Team Cole’s Assistant Case Manager. She maintains contact with the Team Cole clients, as well as the other parties involved in their claims, answers questions, and helps make sure the case runs smoothly ...

Vanessa Baker

Case Manager

Vanessa Baker is the Team Gude Case Manager, responsible for making sure that the needs of the Team Gude clients are met. She has a BA in Hispanic Studies and Studio Art from...

Firm Management

Eric Farber

CEO & Chief Legal Officer

Firm Management

Eric Farber is the CEO & Chief Legal Officer of Farber & Company and founder of Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Center. Eric grew up in Toronto, Canada and Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated from Arizona State University ...

Irving Flores-Corona

Director, Case Management & Hearing Rep.

Irving Flores-Corona is the Director of Case Management and Hearing Representative. He specializes in Litigation Case Management and Workers’ Compensation. He oversees the other case managers, designs training programs, and supports the case teams to make sure they run smoothly...

Yuliya Benkhina

Associate Marketing Director

Yuliya Benkhina is the Associate Marketing Director. Born in Ukraine, she is a Bay Area transplant of eighteen years and counting. She holds a BA from University of California Santa Cruz, where she double-majored in Film & ...

Renée Marvin-Quintong

Director of Operations & HR

Renée Marvin-Quintong is the director of Operations and HR. She ensures the day-to-day operation of the office and leads recruitment efforts. Renée was born and raised in Oregon. She moved to California with her husband in 2001 for the beautiful weather. ...

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